how can I make investment in UK property market.I don't have Uk citizenship so I can not use mortgage

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 There are a few options available for individuals who are looking to invest in the UK property market but do not have UK citizenship and are unable to obtain a mortgage.

One option is to purchase a property with cash. This can be a significant investment and may not be feasible for everyone, but it is a way to bypass the requirement for a mortgage.

Another option is to consider partnering with someone who does have UK citizenship and is able to obtain a mortgage. This can allow you to invest in a property without having to come up with the full purchase price in cash.

You could also consider investing in property through a limited company. This can allow you to purchase and own property without having to personally obtain a mortgage.

It's also worth considering working with a real estate agent or property investment professional who can help you explore your options and identify properties that may be a good fit for your investment goals.

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